ICE shaming Dallas, Tx
Washington State may impose $124 fine on EV spot stealers

Watch out, Washington ICErs! The state legislature has approved a bill which will pave the way for fining people ($124!) who ICE EV charging spots. The bill passed with a 7-1 margin and now only needs the governor’s approval.

Keep fighting that good (green) fight, Washington! We Vulcan salute you!

// An ICEd COG in the machine…//

This ICEd EV driver hails from Arlington, TX, where a Blink station was blocked by a Hyundai at the his workplace. Submitter Nate says “There were empty spots everywhere and it wasn’t the only spot under a tree. I don’t get it!”

We don’t get it either, Nate. Maybe he was searching for some shrubbery?

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// Ouch…//

This was the scene at a dallas location earlier today. I’d say the signs (and chargers) (and painted parking spots) are pretty clear, wouldn’t you?

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